• Bio

    Julius moved to the planet earth at an early age and has yet to adjust to the time change. After graduating from Brophy College Preparatory began getting ready to attend Berklee College of Music in  Boston. It was during this transition period that Julius was discovered by the yoyo manufacturer Playmaxx.  The Tucson based yoyo company had been searching for charismatic and dedicated yoyo players to help generate the next big yoyo craze.  In 1997 Julius became one of the founding members of World Team Proyo.  After a few weeks perfecting his yoyo skills, Julius began the toy fair circuit in New York. His enthusiasm for everything fun made him an asset to each booth he would visit. Julius’ infectious fascination for things would indirectly sell products he didn’t even represent.
    Julius’ next  adventure would be when Playmaxx asked him to lead a yoyo promotion in Singapore for two months. His first time out of the country would put him on the opposite side of the world.  With his kind and courteous manor as well as his love for other cultures, there is simply no audience in the world that doesn’t immediately feel drawn to his all inclusive “get up and play” attitude. Then returning back to the U.S. for for several weeks on the vans warped tour, and even a spot or two on MTV, and other news programs.

    After helping lead major promotions in several countries worldwide, Julius returned to Arizona, to start his very own yoyo company. Currently Julius uses his unbelievable talent for inspiring youth, not only to get up and play, but also to teach that happiness is within reach when you have the right attitude and practice making good choices. Julius and Allyoyo can be seen doing the most amazing school programs throughout the year. It has been said that you will never see a more excited group in it’s entirety as when Julius visits a school not only for a show, but to visit the children in their P.E. class.

    To this day julius remains one of the most caring and dedicated yoyoers in the world, and is considered by many to be the greatest yoyo teacher in the world. After seeing how amazing kids get after only a little  time with Julius, we’re not going to argue.