School Programs


Thank you for your interest in All yoyo's build a skill program. Included are details about All yo-yo and the program we offer. This program may be customized for a school or a group's specific needs. For further information, please call us at (480) 814-0696.

The Build-A-Skill Program was founded in 1976 by Tucson based yo-yo manufacturer Playmaxx. Our team of ProYo instructors have traveled the world extensively on behalf of Playmaxx to such countries as: China, England, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and the list goes on and on. Along with their enthusiasm for the sport of yo-yoing, they bring with them the experience of teaching children in schools around the globe.


Our professional will provide a world-class demonstration for an assembly of the entire student body. Each show consists of:

1. An amazing display of yo-yo tricks choreographed to music.

2. Audience participation (students and faculty).

3. Yo-yo safety.

4. A brief history and physics of yo-yoing.

5. Grades 3 and higher will meet with the ProYo instructor during their P.E. Classes.

A classroom ProYo will be provided for each student to use in class.
Every class covers yo-yo safety, mechanics and at least 4-7 basic yo-yo tricks as well as one-on-one interaction with the ProYo instructor.


ProYos will be made available for purchase at the school.  No minimum yo-yo purchase will be required.  Schools will receive $1 (one dollar) from each yo-yo sold with the school handling the sale.

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