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With a lighter weight at 63.8 grams, the Breeze moves just like it’s name suggests – Easy going. To us, the Breeze feels like a highly polished, casual play oriented yoyo. The Breeze feels it’s best when you’re moving at a comfortable pace, not too fast and not too slow, but enough to keep moving at a good speed. The stainless steel weight rings and overall rim weight heavy design give the Breeze superb stability and spin time so it can definitely handle blazing fast and hard competition tricks, but feels most at home when you’re just chilling out and trying to learn or swap some new tricks with friends.

The circular finger spin area is sufficiently deep to allow for easy to hit finger spins. Because it’s a circular finger spin area and not a finger centering finger spin area, finger spins are a bit shorter but are easier to control. We’ve been able to hit finger spin tricks, and especially binds, very comfortably with the Breeze.

With a slightly wider than normal gap size, the Breeze is great for tricks with many string layers. The bulbous step right off of the bearing works well for increasing horizontal play potential, and has the added benefit of making rejections easier to perform.

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