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After first talking with Filip David about a signature yoyo our goal was to bring a unique design to the market while paying homage to his favorite wide & competitive shapes. We needed something that could add an extra level of playability and flashiness without sacrificing the mechanics of what makes Filips favorite throws. We remembered plastic & metal hybrid yoyos from the early 2000s, the unique designs and shapes they brought to the table, and the colorful fun aesthetic that made them so special. We wanted to capture this magic in a more modern design. We tried prototypes with different plastics, first POM, then polycrab, and finally acrylic was just right - stable enough at high rpms for a smooth luxury feeling experience and all the color variations we could dream of.

Although the acrylic might leave one confused on what to expect when throwing, we find it truly gives Pharaoh a unique feel - comfortable for a wide variety of tricks, not too floaty nor too stable. Even when spinning at high speeds it catches softly in the hand, especially for metal.

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