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Playmaxx Proyo 3

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This is the last of the original proyos made by playmaxx. They have a heavier weight and more consistent quality. This is one of the best and most reliable yoyos in the world. The wood axle gives superior response that will never wear out. Weather you're learning to loop with one or two hands, the proyo III is the best choice for the task. The Proyo is worlds longest spinning fixed axle yoyo, so rocking the baby or splitting the Atom are snap. It's light and easy to use for even small yoyoers. This yoyo is loved by beginners and experts alike.

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From Julius

"This should be every ones first yoyo. It will teach people to throw straighter and harder and make better yoyoers out of everyone who starts with it. It's also great to not have to worry about lots of spare parts. This yoyo and a couple pieces of string is all you need to have fun. If I could only have one yoyo for the rest of my life, the proyo III would certainly be it."