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A long spinning durable plastic plastic yoyo. In a major effort to bring great affordable yoyoing to the masses, yoyo factory has created this impressive beginning to advanced level yoyo. It's easy to maintain, and the speed dial allows for different types of play. The price is amazing for such a great playing yoyo.

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From Julius

"This yoyo is great big heaps of super. It spins longer and is way tougher than a 201. i Threw it at a wall for over an hour and the yoyo just took it and continued to work. I still have not actually seen a broken one of these, and it has been in my school program for over a year. The dial allows for so much more control over how the yoyo plays. I will be adding this yoyo to my school program because I believe in it so much. If you can, I absolutely recommend stepping up to this yoyo"